Porta — Brand Identity

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Porta brings together European tableware and assorted home furnishings from around the world with a focus on local craft, independent artisans, and everyday use. The brand identity is a reflection of Porta's artistic, eclectic and elevated offering.

The identity is characterized by a sharp logotype used at an impactful scale, with painterly finishes, stripe motifs and a strong sense of color conveying a contemporary yet timeless design.

The brand elements are translated to the digital environment with inspiration taken from book design layouts.

Porta — Brand Identity

Porta began in 2022 as a space to reconnect with the table and celebrate the idea that every lunch and dinner is a chance to chat, to engage, and that the environment around you sets the tone for these moments. The visual identity is informed by the feeling of warmth and the humble, hand-hewn yet polished objects that the founders curate. The outcome is a sharp logotype combined with a rich color palette applied across packaging, retail and digital.

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