Aplós — Campaign Creative Direction

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Aplós launched with a vision to reimagine the drinking experience for a new era, creating functional, non-alcoholic spirits that toast to everyday life and the magic that fills it. The campaign tells the story of their two products, Calme and Arise, and represents their duality with a journey through the senses.

The campaign blends macro shots of the drinks and glassware with human touch and sensuality. Slow-motion enhances the feeling of introspection and natural magic.

Aplós — Campaign Creative Direction

Aplós creates functional, non-alcoholic spirits that calm and uplift for an alternative way to unwind. Ania et Lucie directed a campaign to relaunch the original hemp-infused Aplós Calme, and to introduce the new adaptogenic Aplós Arise. A bold and evocative film follows a journey through the senses and the effects on the mind and body—a visual and sensorial experience conceived to stimulate and elevate.

  • Art Direction
  • Director of Photography: Alex Reid
  • Campaign Photography: Matzo + Matzo
  • Product Photography: Plainsight Studio
  • Branding and Product Design: Pure Magenta